Are the colder months affecting your pet’s lifestyle?


We as vets find it becomes more evident in the winter months that your pet is possibly suffering from arthritis. Some common clinical signs include the following:

  • Your pet may find it difficult to get up from the laying or sitting position
  • They may walk with a noticeable limp or change in gait
  • They may appear depressed
  • They may chew at leg joints
  • Your pet may show a reluctance to play such as not wanting to chase a ball (especially if it is something they normally love).

There are both prevention and treatment options available to help your pet become much more comfortable and pain free.


It is important that your pet has comfortable bedding which is elevated of the floor as being in direct contact with the cold floor often exacerbates the condition.


If your pet is overweight, this can affect the severity of arthritis, so it is important to address this if needed. We can provide information on dietary guidelines which will ensure your pet loses and/or maintains a healthy weight. We stock a range of premium pet foods specifically tailored for weight loss.


There are also a range of supplements which can really help with prevention and maintenance of arthritis such as those which contain shark’s cartilage and glucosamine.


Medical treatment options include medications which address both inflammation and pain and injections which give fast reliable relief to your pet.

Please phone us if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your concerns with our vet, or call in and talk to the lovely and knowledgeable girls at the front desk.