Pet Supplies

Jack Russell Dog Pushing A Shopping Cart Full Of Food

Foods, treatments and accessories for a healthy, happy pet

North Bundaberg Pet Surgery stocks a select range of pet supplies onsite, including foods, grooming products, off-the-shelf medicines and pet accessories. If one of our staff has recommended a product to you, chances are you’ll be able to find it in our surgery and not have to go all the way to the pet store.

Our range includes:

Pet Foods

  • Hills Pet Nutrition
  • Advance Diet Foods
  • Greenies (dental care treats)
  • Guinea Pig Cavy Cuisine

Grooming Products

  • Nail clippers
  • Grooming scissors
  • Shampoos
  • Brushes

Pet Accessories

  • Leads and collars
  • Safety harnesses
  • Shampoos
  • Pet treats
  • Toys

Medicines and Treatments

  • Flea products including Comfortis, , Advantage and Advantix and Simparica. We also stock Seresto and Kiltix collars.
  • Combination flea/heartworm/worm products including Revolution, Advocate, Comfortis Plus and Interceptor.
  • Intestinal wormers including Drontal, Popantel, Milbemax and Profender.
  • Arthritis management products including Pernaease Powder and 4Cyte Sachets.
  • Ear cleaners including Epi-Otic and Oti-Clean.
  • Medicated shampoos including Malaseb, Aloveen and Pyohex.
  • Shampoos including the Fido’s range, the Paws range and Natural Dermcare Shampoo.
  • Milk/supplement feeding products including Di-Vetelact and Animalac and Wombaroo.
  • Teats and bottles

Pet Products in Bundaberg

If you’re after a specific product, simply give us a call on (07) 4151 3688