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‘Tis the season to be jolly! As we adorn our homes with glittering decorations and indulge in festive treats, let’s not forget our beloved pets who make our holidays even brighter. Amidst the joyful celebrations, it’s essential to ensure our furry companions stay safe and healthy during this merry season.

The Magic of Christmas for Our Pets

The twinkling lights, the aromatic scents, and the overall cheerful atmosphere of Christmas can captivate our furry friends as much as it does us. Dogs wag their tails at the sight of beautifully wrapped presents, cats curiously bat at ornaments adorning the tree, and even birds chirp along to the merry tunes playing in the background. This time of year brings joy and a unique sense of togetherness for the whole family, including our pets.

Potential Hazards Lurking Around the Christmas Tree

However, amidst the festive joy, there are hidden dangers that pet owners should be mindful of:

    1. Decorations: Tinsel, ornaments, and ribbons may add sparkle to your tree, but they pose a serious risk if ingested by pets. These can cause intestinal blockages or other digestive issues.
    2. Christmas Plants: Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are commonly used for decorations but can be toxic to pets if consumed. Keep them out of reach.
    3. Festive Food: The irresistible aroma of holiday feasts might tempt your pets, but some foods like chocolate, grapes, raisins, and certain nuts are toxic to them.
    4. Electrical Cords: Pets might chew on cords from festive lights, leading to electric shocks or injuries

Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

To ensure a joyful and hazard-free Christmas for your pets:

  • Secure Decorations: Hang ornaments higher on the tree where pets can’t reach, and avoid using tinsel or small, breakable decorations.
  • Pet-Friendly Plants: Opt for pet-safe alternatives like Christmas cacti or pet-friendly artificial plants to adorn your home.
  • Mindful Feasting: Keep holiday treats away from pets and ensure garbage bins containing food scraps are secured.
  • Cord Management: Tape down or cover electrical cords to prevent pets from chewing on them.Christmas Dog Image

Clinic Closure for the Holidays

As much as we love caring for your furry companions, please note that our clinic will be closed for the Christmas holidays. Our closure will be from Friday, December 22nd, through Tuesday, December 26th. We encourage our clients to ensure they have adequate supplies of any medications or pet essentials needed during this period.


Christmas is a time for celebration and spreading cheer, and with a little precaution and care, it can be a joyful time for your furry companions too. By being mindful of potential hazards and considering our holiday closure, pet owners can ensure that the holidays remain a safe and festive time for everyone, including our four-legged friends.

Wishing you and your pets a paws-itively wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy, and safety!