HeartwormFor anyone who has recently obtained a puppy or may soon be getting one, we have a great offer for free heartworm prevention.  From 1 February through to 30 April we are able to provide your 12 week old  puppy with a free Proheart Injection.  The cost of this injection is normally $45.00.

Heartworm is deadly and it is very important to begin preventative treatment for your puppy from around 12 weeks of age.  A single bite from a mosquito is all it takes to spread this potentially fatal disease.

Our clinic will send you a reminder when your puppy is next due for their injection, just as we do when your puppy’s vaccinations are due.  This saves you from having to worry about lapsing with any heartworm prevention, which is a common problem with monthly tablets.

After puppy’s initial injection at 12 weeks of age, they require another injection at 6 months of age, then another at 15 months of age.  From then on they only require the injection once a year.  This makes it very easy for dog owners to bring their dog in once each year to receive both their vaccination and their heartworm injection and full health check.

“Prevention is better than cure” couldn’t be more true when it comes to heartworm because it is very difficult to treat.  This is why vets recommend continuous 12 month protection for all dogs.

We will be advertising this promotion on local radio and posting regular website blogs/facebook posts so that you are kept informed. Click on the link below for some great information”


Please call us if you would like any further information about this promotion or if you would like any more information about heartworm and how it can affect your pet.  We would love to hear from you.