Before and AfterAre your pets feeling the heat, got a few knots or a little on the smelly side?  Do they need a nail trim or flea bath?  Grooming is an essential part of your pets daily needs.  Each breed has different requirements, such as a Schnauzer which would require more maintenance than something like a Rottweiler.

Bathing is something that all dogs will experience throughout their life.  There are many different products available; such as natural shampoos, medicated shampoos, leave in conditioners, specific coat colour treatments and the list goes on.  A dog requires a bath at least once a month however weekly or daily baths can be detrimental to the coat and skin. However a medicated shampoo may be recommended to use a few times a week for specific conditions.  At the surgery we offer a range of bathing treatments; such as flea treatments, regular everyday bathing or medicated washes.

Regular coat brushing can be beneficial for not only your dog or cat, but also for yourself as it is quality time spent and can reduce the amount of hair loss.  Brushing can also encourage hair growth and stimulate the skin follicles to help remove the ‘dandruff’ or loose skin that appears in your pets coat.  Another benefit of grooming is to prevent hair matting that is formed from knots.  Matts can be uncomfortable and detrimental towards your pet as they pull on the underlying skin and can cause infections and wounds from damage to the skin.  We offer a range of brushes and combs.

Nail trimming is also important for your dog as it can prevent scratches and harm coming from the sharp points.  Regular trimming also keeps the nails short as the ‘quick’ (the pink bit of the nail) will keep growing longer if the nails are left long, making the nails appear long even after being trimmed.

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At the surgery we now have a designated grooming facility; including a heated hydrobath, blow dryer and top of the range clipping equipment.  The groomers at the clinic have had experience with dogs as small as chihuahuas to the largest of breeds such as wolfhounds and they are also experienced with cats.

Grooming appointments can be arranged from Monday through to Friday (excluding weekends).  We offer a wide range of services; including a simple tidy, full body clips, breed specific styling cuts or even just a bath to get your fur babies smelling scrumptious again!

Please phone the surgery on (07) 4151 3688 for prices and to arrange an appointment for your pets today!