With winter now approaching it is important to consider how the cold weather can affect your dog.  Dogs exposed to the cold can experience a range of problems including chills, respiratory problems and particularly arthritis.  As a general rule, the smaller and older your dog is, the more help they will need to keep comfortable and warm because their body cannot generate heat as quickly as larger or younger dogs.

For this reason, it is important to provide them with blankets at night time and a place where they can snuggle in to keep as warm as possible. We sell “Snoozy” blankets (pictured below), which are great dog blankets and very easy to wash and dry.  dog on bedIt is also very important to consider providing them with a dog bed that is not in direct contact with the ground such as the hessian dog beds (see below) or the snooza type beds.  These beds are great for both winter and summer as in the warmer months, air can circulate beneath them, thereby keeping your pet cooler whilst in the winter months, the dog is not in direct contact with the cold, and often wet, ground.

Hessian bed Dog coats and jackets are also a very effective way of keeping your dog warm while they are outside in the winter months, and they can be a great fun way of expressing your pet’s personality. We have just brought in  a great range of coats in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.  To measure your dog for a coat, you can either bring him/her in and our friendly staff can help you to choose the correct size, or you can measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail to get the measurement you will need.  See the photo below for instructions.

weatherbeetaExercise is also important because it will get your dog’s blood circulating more rapidly which in turn stops them getting too cold.  This can also mean increasing their food intake during winter, as they use more energy keeping warm.

When dogs get cold, they will often bark to let their owner know about it, so it will help both the dog and you to get a good night’s sleep if they are comfortable and warm.

If your notice your dog suffering any discomfort such as difficulty with movement, such as standing from a sitting or lying down position it is important to bring him/her in for a check-up with our vet.  There are extremely good medications and supplements available now which  help give relief from arthritis.

The photo below shows one of the gorgeous coats we have for sale. Please call in and see us and check out the great range of coats and blankets we have.spotty