?❤️?NexGard Spectra Promo?❤️?
For those of you looking for a great all round treatment which covers all your dog’s needs, NexGard Spectra is the best available, and at the moment we are running a fantastic promotion on this product. (while stock lasts)
For our clients who are already using NexGard Spectra, this is a great  time to buy as you will save lots of $$$$.  For those of you looking for a simple, effective monthly chew this is a great opportunity to start your furry friend on this product.
Simply purchase 3 months of protection for your pet and receive a months treatment for FREE! 
Another option is to buy a 6 month protection pack of Nexgard Spectra and we will gift you 2 months FREE! 
NexGard SPECTRA is the most complete parasite protection, all in one tasty chew

Rapidly kills fleasNexgard

  • Treats and controls ticks
  • Treats and controls mange and mites
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Treats and controls roundworm, hookworm and whipworm
  • Prevents flea tapeworm infestations
              • Tasty monthly chew that dogs love
              • Protection from 8 weeks of age and 2 kg bodyweight

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From the team at North Bundaberg Vet Surgery