Seresto is a collar which provides dogs and cats up to 8 months protection against fleas and 4 months control of ticks in dogs.  We have been able to offer this product for only $79.95 to our clients and this makes it the most economical and effective way to treat your pet for fleas and ticks.  This equates to only $9.99/month!!

It can be used in puppies from 7 weeks of age, and kittens from 10 weeks of age.

It not only kills adult fleas, but flea larvae as well.  It will also kill all adult ticks including the paralysis tick.

Unlike other products, Seresto works without fleas and ticks having to bite!!

How Seresto works: 

  • Active ingredients (actives) are integrated into Seresto’s innovative polymer matrix.
  • Low doses of these actives are released from the matrix over time and migrate into the lipid (fatty/oily) layer of your pet’s skin and hair.
  • Actives are not significantly absorbed through the skin. but remain within the naturally water-resistant, lipid layer of the skin and hair – so your dog can still enjoy the water.
  • The actives in the skin and hair of your pet kills fleas and ticks on contact therefore not relying on them having to bite your pet.
  • The hair and dead skin that your pet sheds naturally each day contain small amounts of actives, enough to kill flea larvae that may live in your pet’s surroundings.

Your don’t need to remove Seresto when you give your pet a bath or if they get wet.  This is because:

  • the innovative polymer matrix formulation shields actives from unwanted release and washing off
  • actives localise within the lipid layer of your pet’s skin and coat, which minimises their loss with wetting.

If some of the actives are lost, with frequent shampooing or water immersion, the collar will quickly replenish levels in your pet’s skin and coat.


Please call in anytime to purchase one of these collars, or just to find out more from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.