Caring for your horse means protecting it from diseases, and the only way you can protect your horse from Tetanus, Hendra, Strangles and Equine Herpes Virus is by vaccinating against them.

This month is Equine Vaccination month, and we would really love to bring more awareness to equine diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

This week we would like to focus on Tetanus which is a completely preventable disease.

A recent survey of Australian equine veterinarians reported at least 150 cases of tetanus with a fatality rate of 85%.

The vaccination regime for tetanus involves just 2 vaccinations one month apart, followed by yearly vaccinations.  Given the terrible pain and suffering that tetanus causes before likely death, it is a small price to pay.

Having a preventative healthcare plan in place provides comprehensive protection from preventable diseases, plus it helps you maintain regular contact with veterinary experts and plan financially for the wellbeing of your horse.

Your horse should be protected, even if it never leaves your property!

Some symptoms of tetanus include a stiff legged gait, pricked ears, tail held out stiff, paralysis of breathing muscles. (see picture below)


Some causes of tetanus include any deep penetrating wound e.g. barbed wire injury, nail/stick injury, and in foals eating contaminated faeces which then may get into a tooth socket to mention a few.

Zoetis Australia, the manufacturer of tetanus vaccination (amongst many other) has an online community devoted to health, preventative care and well-being for horses. Please copy and paste this link into your web browser if you are interested in learning more:  https://www.zoetis.com.au/programs/health4horses.aspx